Inbound – One or More Partners Send Files to Thru

Flow Processing
FeedUse Feed when files are coming in from one or more organizations and the flow applies them to the target.
Private ExchangeUse Private Exchange:
  1. To process files which contain a batch of transactions and you want to send errors back to the sender.
  2. To send back a new response file to the sender.

Do not use transport type 'Push' for inbound processes.

Push should be used to send files out from the enterprise.

Direct Delivery
Many-to-OneUse Many-to-One when the files do not require flow processing. Have the enterprise represented by an Organization and set it as the 'One' (the target).

Do not use transport type 'Feed' for direct delivery.

* It is okay to use Feed if you are sending files within a single organization and are using Thru as an intermediary.
For example: You have one organization with two locations – One location sends files to Thru and Thru sends them to the second. Even in this case, it is better to create two organizations and use Many-to-One.