Choosing a Transport Type

This section will review key considerations for selecting transport types.

In Thru, there is no type for ‘point to point’ delivery because all transport types can be extended to support multiple sources or targets which are the actual participants in a business process.

For example, if your enterprise receives orders from Wholesalers, you only need one transport called ‘Wholesaler Orders’.

You should not create a separate transport for each Wholesaler.

Having a single transport, a new Wholesaler can simply subscribe to it.

If you need to send orders from the enterprise to a single supplier, you should create a single transport called ‘Orders to Suppliers’ and include all suppliers in it.

Then send ‘Private Deliveries’ over this single transport.

New suppliers can simply join this transport in a similar way the Wholesalers subscribe to their transport.

Some transport types have overlapping capabilities but after reviewing this section you will see that there are use cases which justify the existence of each of the types.

Before we start, here are the actors and the first questions to ask – what is the process direction and who represents the enterprise?