How to Push and Pull Files with a Transport Client to Network Shared Drives


JSON uses double backslashes per each slash. Customers will find setting up their Transport Client JSON to push and or pull files to a share folder a challenge. Incorrect paths in the JSON will cause errors and may end up creating unwanted folders on the root drive.


In the Transport Client JSON you are using, for each path that leads to a share drive use 4 backslashes and the UNC path.

  1. Locate the JSON in C:\Program Files (x86)\THRU\TransportClient

  2. Look for TransportClientSettings.json file or whatever you renamed your JSON if you are working with more than one JSON.

  3. Right click and edit with MS Notepad or Notepad++

  4. In each path that leads to a share drive use type 4 backslashes and then type the UNC path.

Example: \\\\server\\sharename\\folder

Using 2 backslashes in the PullTargetFolderPath will actually create the sub folder structure on your root drive when you pull files. Example: \\\\server\\sharename\\folder will become C:\server\sharename\folder