Transport Client Management

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Transport Client Endpoints are very easy to work with in Thru.

The setup can be completely automated.

In case of hundreds of partners, it can be a big time saver and ensure correct configuration.

The client does not need to know where to push or pull from.

It is good because the server can change at any time – transports added, deleted or replaced and the client setup does not change.


• Thru allows the enterprise to send installation invitations to partners with a link to an installer.
• Users can download and install the client ( windows only currently)
• Installer reports DateInstalled (and data uninstalled) to Thru
• There is a management console which allows the Enterprise to easily query installation status, activity, inactivity and last upload download.


• Transports can now be associated with an organization type – For example a transport for Wholesaler
• Once a transport is assigned an org type – Thru automatically configure transport client endpoints for all orgs with that type.
• When an new org is added it is immediately configured in all relevant transports.

Transport Client is unaware of transport (only of itself – the endpoint)

• The calls to push and pull files were created in a way that transports are not mentioned.

The server determines where the client will push to and pull from and it can change dynamically at any time without changing the client calls.