Installer Setup

The Installation of the Transport Client should be done under an administrator account and the command files should also be so run under an administrator account as well because the command attempts an auto-update of the software.

- Place both files in a new folder
- Open a command tool as an administrator and navigate to the folder
- Copy and paste the command shown in Step 3 (Refer to Client Installer Page) and run it

Run the command file as an administrator.

To prevent a browser warning, command script was downloaded with a txt extension
Copy and run the text below – it will remove the txt extension and run the command

ren TrClientInstaller.cmd.txt TrClientInstaller.cmd & call TrClientInstaller.cmd

Click Next when the installer window spawns.

The installer will verify that your system can run the client and that you have all the prerequisites for the install.

You will need to accept the licensing agreement.

Choose or use the default installation location.

Here you can select the location for the working folder (this is normally predefined by the Enterprise)

In the next step the Transport Client gets installed.


Click the Finish button to complete the installation