Error handing & Fault tolerance – Retry Cancel Give up

Thru is all about error handling and file persistence which allows automatic recovery (plus options to replay or retry a delivery).

Alerts are automatically aggregated, not constantly being added to forever into log files.

The term error handling is seen as ‘guaranteed delivery’ (retry)

There is retry count and self recovery when a connection becomes available again.

Which we class as ‘fault tolerance’ (automatic recovery from errors when connection becomes available).

From the File Delivery Dashboard, you can monitor the status of file deliveries and also dig into the status of all deliveries.

In the image below we can see deliveries In Progress with a status of Pending

Clicking on the highlighted blue area takes use to a File Delivery view for that Transport.

Where endpoints can be selected (using item selection) and the pending status of the delivery can be retried, cancelled or can be given up on.