Partial and Complete files

Thru SFTP and FTP server services are more intelligent than other SFTP/FTP servers and can differentiate between partial and complete files.

Here is the flow:

- When upload starts to Thru SFTP server, the file is created with partial flag.
- If connection to Thru SFTP server is terminated unexpectedly and File Close command does not arrive, partial flag stays.
- If File Close command arrives, 2 use cases are processed:

  • If sftp client did not send File Length command at the upload start , partial flag is cleared after File Close command is received, Thru SFTP server considers this event the completion of upload.
  • If sftp client sent File Length command at the upload start (e.g. WinSCP), Thru SFTP server after receiving File Close command compares actual file length with file length declared by the client. If actual length is shorter than declared by the client, partial file flag stays – this processes scenarios where pause operation by the client sends File Close command.