Push to specific target and place it in subfolder

This feature is used in reverse direction : Enterprise sends the files to an Organization, who places it either in root folder or in subfolders named after ‘child’ orgs.

To support the subfolder-based layout name schema, a name of the file which is sent from the Enterprise to an Organization should follow the following pattern:


Example : [[SUB-Fldr]]__[[PUBXXXX]]__FileName.ext

ParentOrgPublicCode routes the file to certain Organization

SUB-ChildOrganizationNumber will create a subfolder for child in Pull area of Thru client.

C:\Thru\ThruTransportClient\PULL – for the files intended for parent
C:\Thru\ThruTransportClient\PULL\ChildOrganizationNumber – for the files intended for child

Pattern Examples :

[[SUB-Fldr1#fldr2…#fldrN]]__filename.ext where Fldr1#fldr2…#fldrN is hierarchy of subfolders which will be created in the TC PULL area

Could be combined with private delivery prefix: