SFTP Server (SSH)

SFTP Server end points require the following fields be completed:

  • End Point Name – Give this SFTP source a name to help you identify what process this source is a part of
  • Description – Write a description of this source so you remember exactly what process this source is being used for
  • HostSFTP host URL
  • Port – Default port is 22
  • User – Username from the SFTP site that you are connecting to
  • Auth Type – Choose to authenticate to the SFTP source via password or private key
  • Certificate (Public Key) – Copy and paste the private key here. Public key will be extracted from private key and used for authentication.

Note : SFTP client and server authentication keys should be provided in OpenSSH (PEM) format.

  • Private Key Password – For certificate based authentication when protected by additional password (optional)
  • Certificate Expiration – Define the date that the certificate will expire