LAN Utility Landing (Push) Services (parallel file upload)

1. File upload to a source endpoint (supports parallel processing (multiple chunks can be sent together

EndpointLandingChunk (string transportCode, string endpointCode, string simulation = null)

2. Send upload end of file

EndpointLandingEndOfFile (CtrlSiteInfo ctrlSite, CtrlFlwPFEInfo pfe, DirectoryInfo cacheDir, FileInfo eofFile)

3. Send upload cancellation

EndpointLandingCancellation (DirectoryInfo cacheDir, FileInfo cancelFile)

4. Retrieve PGP public key for encryption before upload. (Clients do not need to know about public keys, they can simply retrieve them from Thru source endpoint and then do the encryption.)

EndpointLandingTargetPGP (string transportCode, string endpointCode, string targetParticipantExternalCode)