General settings can impact certain system-wide functionality.


• Disable all processes – on or off
• Alert Frequency – select the frequency of the alerts

Customizing your alerts

Use this form to configure Mail and or SMS alerts to be sent when there are process failures.

Messages will be sent to the automation administrator list defined on this site.

The following tags can be embedded in the subject and or message fields :


Mail Alerts

• Sender Email
• Subject
• Mail Body

SMS Alert

If a file cannot be delivered to endpoint, an alert will be raised immediately per endpoint and then it gives up on the file in 48 hours.
Frequency of alert email notifications can be set per area (30 minutes to 8 hours).
The system will mark a ‘Pending’ alert as ‘Recovered’ if connection is restored or file is processed.

SMS Example :


• Archive Completed Files – Files will be moved to archived storage based on an adjustable schedule.
• Purge Completed Files – Files will be deleted from Thru storage based on an adjustable schedule.

Both Archive and Purge retention policies are based on an adjustable schedule. See additional information on Retention.

Access Control

Allows you to define the Password Policy

Access Keys

A setting is added in Area settings to block change of Web API Access keys by enterprise users who are members and not administrators.
It locks a Web API secret keys created for Mule connectors in transports from accidental change.
If API key is reset, data flow to hundreds of partners can be broken.


Options to enable or disable connector types from within in the application

File Transfer Resume Process

Transport Clients